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Mayor Christina Shea supports:

- A Safe, Protected, and  Vibrant community

- A Strong and Resilient local economy

- The Best Educational System in America 

- A Sustainable Environment supported by her Non Toxic Pesticide program initiated in 2016

- A vibrant Childcare program for working families 

- Protection of our Senior’s Care 

- Expanded Affordable Housing opportunities for struggling families, students, veterans and our disabled. 

- Support for our Youth sports activities, soccer, baseball, softball, volleyball, and cricket organizations.

- A Veterans Cemetery to honor those that defended and died for our Country.

Transportation & Taffic

Traffic congestion is certainly a concern among our residents, and I've accepted the challenge of finding workable solutions.

In 2016, I brought forward the Transportation Commission's re-institution, to review the impact of new projects and require mitigation before the projects are approved.  Additionally, the Commission was charged with exploring new ways to improve existing traffic concerns.  Data collected by the City has already indicated that travel speeds along 10 of our key corridors have already shown significant improvements. 

In this past year, we have continued to make progress. 

We have directed nine million dollars of Measure M2 grant funds to assist in alleviating congestion. We have also authorized signal timing and equipment upgrades along 12 of our busiest corridors, elongated left-turn lanes to eliminate vehicles from blocking traffic, and introduced new technologies such as Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons and Flashing Yellow Left Turn Arrows.

But roadway improvements shouldn't be our only focus.  We need to provide alternative transportation options for our residents.  This means adding iShuttle routes in areas where it makes economic sense and maintaining and expands our biking and walking systems.

A personal vision that I believe will help our City is to increase our commitment to building more bridges across our major intersections. By doing so, vehicles can move with fewer interruptions, and pedestrian safety will be significantly improved.  We currently have several pedestrian bridge projects underway, but we need to increase our efforts.

Under my leadership, we have reduced traffic congestion, but this needs to remain a priority – one that I am fully committed to solving.

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